Articulatory Phonetics

In 2013 Bryan Gick, Ian Wilson and I published a textbook entitled Articulatory Phonetics. This book introduces speech science and articulatory phonetics to upper-level undergraduates and new graduate students in Linguistics and Speech Science. By presenting a unified path through these topics, Articulatory Phonetics promises to make the task of teaching these classes much easier and more effective.

The book also makes teaching lots of fun, with clay tongue and paper larynx assignments, grey boxes with oddly relevant materials, and a wealth of online assignment and image resources. Meant as a companion book to Keith Johnson’s Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics, this textbook has sold about 2,500 copies. If your University has a Linguistics or health science department, is likely already in your Library.  In addition, if you are an instructor in phonetics or speech science, Wiley-Blackwell should provide you with a review copy. Current and interested instructors should look at the supplemental materials here.