This page directly links you to all of the software that I’ve uploaded for community use. These software tools often require that you’ve installed the required programming language.

TreeForm – a syntax tree editor written in JAVA.

Minimal Pairs – a simple command-line minimal pair extractor written in PERL.

Phoneme Quality – a simple PRAAT script to extract sound qualities from phonemes.

Audio/Video Alignment – a not-so-simple program that uses R, PERL, FFMPEG, SOX, and your video meta-data to realign audio and video data to your specifications.

Crop and Segment Video – a program to help you crop and segment video – typically ultrasound imaging of the tongue video for use in Articulate Instruments’ AAA software.

Ultrasound Video Capture – a set of one-line batch file scripts for WINDOWS machines, run through the command-line.  These were originally designed for the GE Logiq E with a Sennheiser MKH-416 USB Pre 2 pre-amplifier.